Marketing Your Restaurant Is A Process

Marketing your restaurant is a process, not just an afterthought, creating a total “wow” experience for customers that you must implement continuously.

The sentence above has a lot of insight into the marketing of a restaurant. When fully understood, it describes the difference between owning a mediocre job or owning a thriving restaurant. Simply put, it means that marketing is everything your business does, every day.

Many restaurant owners make an attempt at marketing and, when it doesn’t produce immediate results, make the mistake of concluding that marketing doesn’t work. Perhaps they assume all they need is one big, mind-blowing marketing idea, and – bam! – it will send them over the top.

To truly realize success in your restaurant, you must get past this kind of thinking and really grasp the process of marketing. When you realize the simple truth of what it truly takes to hurl you into the realms of success, you will find your bank account flooded with cash faster than you can say, “Show me the money.”

The “Wow” experience

The process of marketing should create what I call the “Wow” experience. This experience is what customers get when they come into your restaurant to eat.

What exactly are they getting when they frequent your restaurant? Do they get a menu, a meal and a bill? Or do they get a friendly, smartly dressed waitstaff, attending to their needs and desires, a spotless washroom, clean and pleasant surroundings leaving enchanted with your restaurant, followed by a thank you and or a birthday card and even a little entertaining, monthly newsletter?

The first restaurant did everything right and provided a great meal.

The second restaurant did everything right, provided a great meal, wowed the customer, and established a lasting relationship that pretty much guarantees loads of repeat business and referrals. The second restaurant also charges twice as much as the first restaurant to provide the same meal and the customers are happy to pay the difference. However, note that the experience wasn’t created from one event, it was a process.

Train your staff to be always thinking:

“What can I possibly do for this customer to make sure they will come back and more importantly tell all their friends and relatives about us?”

It has been said that Walt Disney so valued this “Wow” experience that he considered the cleaning of Disneyland a marketing expense. That is because he did such a great job keeping everything clean that he knew his customers would tell other people about Disneyland. Therefore, it was marketing, not cleaning. He was right.

Decide what kind of experience you want to give your customers and work toward creating it. Start by writing down your ideas on paper. This makes your goals realistic. Decide what kind of restaurant you want and then start playing the part.

Apply the process of marketing to everything you do in your business.

The tool that makes it all work

In the process of marketing, remember that none of your goals can be realized without this vital tool; consistent implementation.

I teach restaurant owners across the country proven marketing methods and systems. A lot of them listen, and a lot of them buy my material. Some take the information and turn a dying company into an overnight sensation, and some take the identical information and set it on a shelf to collect dust.

There is a simple difference between my clients who have extraordinary success and those who don’t: implementation. Consistent implementation means the difference between struggling to make a buck and having the money flow to you. Consistent implementation establishes systems in your business that generate revenue, maintain customer relationships, and produce efficient and profitable work from you and your employees.

Consistent implementation is not going to happen overnight. Start applying it today and tomorrow and the day after that.

In this process, you will find that consistent implementation will systematize your business.

The process is everything: the way you answer the telephone, the way the waitstaff greets the customer and brings the coffee, how and when the washroom is cleaned, how the customer is maintained in the database. Everything.

The process is really a simple matter of plugging a few simple, proven, marketing strategies into your business that will set you apart from your competitors.

Remember, “Marketing is a process, not an event.” Don’t make the mistake of thinking of marketing in terms of putting out one ad, letter or flyer. It is so much bigger than that. This process of marketing, when implemented consistently, will create a snowball effect that will give you the kind of restaurant and income that you only dreamed off, and will turn a so-so even struggling restaurant into an exciting and profitable restaurant.

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