The Street Smart Secret To Getting New Customers To Your Business

When I started my first business I struggled. I tried everything to attract new business. I used door hangers, coupon ads, yellow pages (remember them?), community newspapers, phone soliciting and introducing myself to nearby businesses. But the sales these actions brought in barely kept the doors open. I knew there had to be something better.

I had a degree in marketing but the “image” advertising I learned about in university didn’t work for my business. Maybe it would have worked if I had a $2 Million to blow on launching a new toothpaste or shampoo. Maybe. But I wasn’t selling toothpaste. That textbook stuff didn’t work in my business.

I began to study a different type of marketing, and realized that this image advertising coupled with manual marketing was not suited to a small business owner. I discovered a more effective marketing method ideally suited for our industry – direct response marketing.

Direct response marketing is emotionally charged copy that speaks directly to the targeted prospect. It preaches benefits, and is highlighted with a powerful eye-catching headline that answers the question: Why should I choose your business above all others?

Direct response marketing also uses a “call to action” which is a tool to motivate the reader to take action NOW. Direct response is tracked easily so you know how much money is made through the investment.  Other marketing methods require you to throw enormous time or money into an empty well, and spend months or years before the money starts coming back. Direct response marketing works immediately.

Direct response is not fool-proof, however. Study and talent are required to make it work. The best direct response copywriters are paid significant dollars to write a single sales letter, ad or campaign. You either need industry specific, proven marketing strategies provided to you or you need to invest time and money into your marketing education.

But what better way for business owners to increase personal net worth? Every moment spent learning will yield money. Every book read, every course taken and every seminar attended will return many times the investment. And, it’s fun.

Trade publications are filled with direct response ads as well as marketing ads promoting marketing information. This is because direct response works; it has changed our industry and those who use it have an advantage over the competition. Learn direct response marketing and prosper.

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