Twenty-One Costly Marketing Mistakes – Part 2

Here, in the second of a three – part article, are seven more marketing mistakes business owners should avoid.

Mistake 9: Failing to have a system to generate word of mouth advertising. If you want your clients to tell their friends and relatives about your business, you need to encourage them by rewarding the customers who send them. To encourage referrals, you might offer current customers a cash award, discount, free products or other incentives.

Mistake 10: Changing methods when your current marketing method still works well. When business owners grow tired of their ads, they usually change them. This is a terrible mistake. The only time you should change an ad or a marketing method is when it quits working. When you see your response dropping, then you test a new ad, not before. Remember, your customers don’t see your ads as often as you do. And, when they’re looking for a new supplier or business to try, you want to be sure your most powerful ad is there waiting for them.

It makes good sense to test a new ad or method to see how it compares with what you do currently. If it works well, you can add it to your advertising program. But don’t replace any ad or marketing method because you’re tired of looking at it. Replace your ad or change methods only if it stops working, or if the new ad brings better results.

Mistake 11: Failing to test new marketing methods or media. Never stop trying to out-do your current methods of promotion for two reasons: 1) your competitors are probably testing similar methods and you want to stay ahead of your competitors; and 2) once you find a more profitable method you make your promotions even more cost effective.

Mistake 12  Most business owners think they are just like their clients.  You are not your customer!  I find that most business owners assume they know everything about their clients but have either lost touch or haven’t spent enough time understanding all their potential clients motivations and pain points.  A thorough analysis of all aspects of your existing best clients is the starting point for any good marketing campaign.

Mistake 13: Expecting your ads to convey your entire marketing message. Because of their high cost, ads are no longer a cost effective way to deliver a complete marketing message. You can use ads to generate inquiries from interested prospects. Then you can provide more complete information by email, direct mail or phone follow up.

Mistake 14: Assuming your prospect believes what you say. Prospects are skeptical. They won’t do business with someone they don’t trust. To establish your credibility, present facts that are positive and specific. Use language your prospect understands. Explain what you do, how you do it, and how the customer will benefit from your services. In addition, show letters of recommendation from current and past customers.

Mistake 15: Relying on only one method of promotion. Digital Marketing like Google, Facebook, review sites, trade publications, community papers, door hangers, publicity, direct mail, cooperative mailings, they all work to some degree. But they are more effective when they’re used together. When one method supports and reinforces another, the results are greater than any one method working alone.

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