Twenty-One Costly Marketing Mistakes – Part 3

Here, in the third of a three – part article, are six more marketing mistakes business owners should avoid.

Mistake 16:  Delaying your marketing program until you need it.  The time you need marketing most is the time you can least afford it.  Most businesses have some seasonality.  They often forget the part of the year when times are lean.  So their business is either feast or famine.  Make sure you keep your marketing program in place and working year ‘round’.  This will help keep your business in a 12 month feast, and famine will be a thing of the past.

Mistake 17:  Assuming your prospective customers understand your business.  You live, eat, sleep and breathe your business, so it’s easy for you to assume that your clients understand your business as well as you do.  They don’t.  And what about your prospective customer?  He has never been to your business.  So he may know absolutely nothing at all.  Make sure your marketing message is simple and direct.  Don’t use big words.  If you do, you risk your prospect not understanding what you’re saying.  And people don’t buy what they don’t understand.  Use your marketing message to educate your prospective customer.  And remember, keep everything simple.

Mistake 18:  Making your advertising look the same as other businesses like yours.  It looks like a glorified business card.  The name of your business, your logo and your address.  Boring.  You never get anyone’s attention by being the same.  People are overwhelmed with marketing messages today.  You need to stand out to get noticed.

Mistake 19:  When competition moves in do nothing.  Recognize the impact competition will have on your customer base and take action that emphasizes your strengths.  If you decide to make changes to your products and services or how you do business let your customers know!  Give them a reason to come in again.

Mistake 20:  Recognizing a good idea but failing to act on it.  Many of us recognize a trend happening in what our clients are wanting.  The successful business owners act on these changes.  If you see something work in another area then implement it in your business.  Heck, the drive through in the food business was stolen from banking – one of the least innovative of all industries.  It now accounts for a substantial proportion of all fast food revenue.  Successful business owners act on good ideas when they see them.  Their businesses are constantly changing and improving to meet the demands of the marketplace.  These changes give you something new to tell your customers and get them coming in more frequently to see what’s happening.

Mistake 21:  Not changing with the times.  What was popular 30, 20, 10 even 5 years ago is not today.  We are facing an ever more demanding customer and a rapidly changing marketplace.  Now we have an abundance of two income families and we are facing ever-increasing demands on our time.  The most valuable commodity now is not gold, silver or diamonds, but time.  If you can give people time, you can make a fortune.

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