“I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself!”

What Others Say About Our System

At Restaurant Marketing Systems we create a lot of material to make the public aware of the benefits of our information and services. I write most of the copy myself. However, the best advertising for our systems comes from the people who have actually benefited from them. Here is a small sampling taken from the reams of letters and testimonials we receive. I can assure you, all of these people are real, and their attitudes and their words are their own.


“From living in a trailer in my in-laws front yard to a dream lifestyle!!”

What I was never able to accomplish in SEVEN years on my own, I accomplished in ONE YEAR using Rory’s techniques! I couldn’t believe how fast Rory’s incredible marketing secrets turned our restaurant around. And the great thing is – I don’t have to make up the marketing on my own (a good thing too, since I don’t have a creative bone in my body) I just do what Rory tells me to do, and it works! We’ve traveled more in the last couple years than in the entire seven years we spent ‘cooped up’ inside our restaurant (before applying Rory’s system)! And it doesn’t stop there. Now, when we’re not traveling, I get to enjoy a “normal” life spending quality time with family. Thank God I finally got over my scepticism and finally answered Rory’s ad! I shudder to think where we would be if I wouldn’t have. If I CAN DO THIS, ANYONE CAN DO THIS. I’m living proof!”

Jim Rowe, Wing Central’s Roadhouse Grill, Ellensburg, WA


“$2.5 Million in Sales and Growing”

“Since starting working with Rory Fatt it has accounted for $2.5 million in sales in my restaurant. When I started out, my sales were going backwards and the strategies I learned from Rory and building the connection between me and my customers was kind of a new concept, but thankfully, Rory has helped me grow that connection!” 

Greg Evans, Alfie’s Restaurant,
Ormond Beach, FL


“Business up over 162%!”

“We started working with Rory Fatt at the end of 2009, and at the time our marketing was basically reactive and not proactive. That all changed with the help of Rory, his staff and the mountains of exceptional ideas we received from them. We have taken control of our future now. We credit Rory with literally turning our lives around. Our business was up over 162% last year and that is continuing this year, as well. We can honestly say that working with Rory was the best single business decision we ever made.”

Ann Maxwell Weisbrod
Mark Allen’s American Kitchen, Peru, IL


“Now we have a BOOMING business with over $1.7 Million in Sales!”

“Thanks to Restaurant Marketing Systems and you strategies we have a BOOMING business and have the whole way through the past couple years in what they’re calling a recession. In fact, last year was our BIGGEST year yet to date- and we’ve only been in business just 5 short years! Since using your system, we have steadily increased our sales each year and are on track to top all numbers this year with over $1.7M!  Thank you Rory Fatt and everyone at RMS! Cheers to continued success!

Kathy Reeder
Hempen Hill BBQ,  Hagerstown, MD


“Profits 1,000% higher!”

“With Rory Fatt’s help, 2009 had a $14,000 sales increase over 2008 and a $5,000 profit versus an $18,000 loss in 2008.  2010 sales were up $110,000 and total profit was over $50,000 or 1,000% higher than 2009.  This all being after all expenses and my salary.  I give Rory Fatt credit for at least 70% of this.  I don’t think I’d be in business today had I not made the decision to work with him. In 2011 we are on pace for a third record year, back to back. Thank you, Rory!

Hunter Clark
Broussard’s Cajun Cuisine, Cape Girardeau, Missouri


“Makes Your Advertising Accountable – You Are Not Alone Anymore.”

“Since joining RMS, my sales have increased by $90,000 over YTD! Finally a way to track your advertising and make it accountable. And what I like the most is that you don’t have to come up with what to do yourself. It’s all there. I used to feel like a Lone Wolf. Now I get ongoing feedback from other restaurant owners across the country all wanting to help each other be more successful. Now I’m experiencing giant leaps of marketing success in both sales and profits!”  ”

Peter Harahan,
Avalon Restaurant & Bar
Richmond VA


“My Family Thanks You!”

“Rory has profoundly changed my life – not only my business life but my personal life, in how I do things and how I see the world. The greatest thing that I have learned is the quality of my time. Christmas time is a busy time of year in the restaurant, and obviously New Years Eve. My wife who is a passionate skier wanted to go skiing over the Christmas vacation because the kids were out of school. This was a real challenge for me to take this trip and take a leap of faith and go out and spend a vacation with my family over New Years Eve. Everything went smooth, and I was on the vacation of a lifetime with my family.
You know that old saying, quality time with your family. What I have learned this year is that is all wrong. What it is, it is quality time at work and quantity time with your family. Thanks Rory.”

Al Smith,
Angell and Phelps Café, Daytona Beach, FL


“Light At The End of the Tunnel”

There is light at the end of the tunnel – I achieved this growth with managers and staff who weren’t 100% behind me (and have recently been replaced!) and a new $3,000,000/year restaurant open up in town. We have another big one opening up in August and we will take them on too . . . and we’ll still be here in years to come. Thanks again!”

Jon Bryan, Mexicali Rosa’s, Peterborough, ON


“One More Day Off Per Week!”

“Everything is working, we have clear goals and at least one day off a week when we don’t even talk about the restaurant!”

Blaine Walker, 42nd Street Café
Seaview, WA


“I Can’t Wait to Get To The Restaurant Now!”

“Before RMS I was in a slump. I had lost my mojo and my confidence. Sales had plateaued and I was lost as to what to do to turn things around. The future seemed bleak, I began to think that I was going to go out of business and I might loose my house. All my money was invested in my business and I had no more to put in. I was depressed and I was dragging down everything and everyone around me. I was thirsting and I had not dug the well!
Then I found Rory Fatt. Everywhere I look now I see a marketing opportunity. I now cannot wait to get to the restaurant. My wife has her husband back and my kids have their father back. I am optimistic about the future and we are all having fun again. My staff is happy because I am happier and we’re all making more money.
I have been in the food service business for 23 years. Always as my own boss. My biggest complaint was that I never had a mentor to learn from. I can no longer say that! Rory Fatt is my Mentor! I am now a restaurant marketer and life is good!”

Angelo Marini
Sal e Pepe Restaurant and Bar
Newtown, CT


“I Feel I Have a Leg Up on The Competition – You Can’t Go Wrong With Rory.”

“I’ve met person after person that your system is working for and I get inundated with materials left and right. I have cancelled every marketing or advertising program we had before I met you, every newspaper ad, yellow pages ad, anything we had, and we put all our funds into implementing several basic strategies that I learned through RMS. I now spend less on advertising and marketing and get a better return.

I feel I have a leg up the chain restaurants. We have better marketing and I am more prepared to withstand a downturn in the economy that than they are. RMS and Coaching has done that for me. You need a coach to help you set goals and accomplish them – you can’t go wrong with Rory.”

Scott Houmes,
Silvercity Restaurant and Brewery, Silverdale, WA


“The Relationship We Have With RMS Is Invaluable”

‘“The systems and strategies Rory recommends have enabled myself, my managers and staff to incorporate easy-to-execute marketing every month, ideally suited for our business. Rory, my thanks to you and everyone on your hardworking staff. In an industry as challenging and competitive as ours is, the relationship we have with RMS is invaluable!’

Linda & Joe Price,
PJ Quigley’s Bar & Grill,
Ottawa, ON


“Great Results!”

“Our sales were flat and staff apathetic. Then I found Restaurant Marketing Systems and got great results!”

Melody Williford
American Pie Pizza
N. Little Rock, AR


“Boy Am I Glad I Called!”

“I have to admit I’ve seen Rory’s marketing a few years ago but never acted on it. We were doing okay. I didn’t NEED to do anything. But for the first time sales had levelled off, I started to see our net profit decline and I didn’t want to cut corners to sacrifice quality. My wife twisted my arm. I called and took advantage of Rory’s no risk free trial. Boy am I glad I called!”

John Songer
Gaslight Restaurant Huntingburg, IN


“Income Up and I Cut My Hours!”

“Rory’s system has freed me up to do some of the things I like to do in my life. It’s also made my work a little more interesting. With his system, my sales are up. More importantly, my lifestyle has improved dramatically.

I still am in the restaurant working every night, but I’m not there six and a half days a week. I’m living a better lifestyle and my income is growing every month that I implement this system.

Being a member of the Restaurant Marketing System is a kick in the butt. It’s a wake-up call. Rory gives you a network of people, besides his own talent, to say, ‘If we do this and this, this is what’s happening in other restaurants.’ You can tweak it your way and you should get these results. I’m having more fun, I’m making more money. I can see myself running two restaurants one day, as opposed to having one run me, thanks to Rory’s system.”

Anthony Barbanente
Sapori Trattoria, Chicago, IL


“Take It To The Next Level”

That’s a part of what got me involved with Rory, to go to the next level. I’m getting better return, and better profits. And, whatever I’m able to receive and return is awesome. Everything has become a lot more effective. It’s great. I’ve always been good in the operations and I’ve grown up in the restaurant business, but being with Rory has just polished my skills, and really taken me up to the next level.

Dimitri Anaganos,
Popeye’s, Lake Geneva, WI


It’s given us focus. It’s taken the guess work out of promotions. It’s allowed us to have confidence. When we choose a strategy and we put our hard earned dollars into it, we know that we’re going to get results. That’s one of the key things that it’s done for us, is that we’ve taken things that are proven and we don’t have to guess.

This has been a powerful tool for us to maintain our staff year-round because we’re in a resort town. So, it’s given us the ability to increase sales throughout the year to keep our staff full time and to grow our sales. The focus of this program is all independent restaurateurs. We all have the same voices in our head, and the same things going on, and the same questions, and the same concerns.

I think we’re blessed to have Rory – I’m very happy that he’s chosen to help us independent restaurateurs. He takes time. He listens. He evaluates, and once again, thoughtful consideration on what your particular needs are. It’s invaluable. It’s piece of mind. I feel confident knowing that I’ve got someone who’s got the experience over my shoulder going, “Yeah, go for that, and no, don’t do that.” Or “Yeah, do this one again.”

It’s a very small investment in terms of results. Nobody’s paying me to do this. You’re looking at someone who’s happy. I feel it with conviction.

It’s done amazing things for our business, and I suggest it to anybody.

Michael Anaganos, Popeye’s, Lake Geneva, WI


“Absolutely Amazing Results”

“It has been absolutely amazing the results I am getting. When everyone was complaining about the economy, I was growing. It has continued for 9 months. We are making money now! I’m looking at adding a new location – it’s truly changed my life. I would try some other things but I need to get on top of the growth! Thanks Rory!”

Steve Kraft, Habanero’s Grill,
San Antonio, TX


“Reduced Advertising Expenses Increased Sales”

“I have a small operation that is part of a franchise. Our corporate marketing department consists substantially of being sent window clings and menu board items. Our growth has all come from our individual marketing efforts and those ideas came from Rory Fatt. We had previously been spending an average of $18,000 per year on advertising in the paper, Money Mailer, ValPak, Ad Pages and a few others. The tracked results were minimal given the investment and I was usually having to throw in a discount to get them in…not the type of customer I was looking for to begin with!

So we simply started with one basic strategy from Rory. We have done almost no other marketing. I have increased my sales and customer loyalty, and reduced my advertising costs. Last year, we selected a second strategy and used in once in the summer and once at Christmas – we had our best summer and our best holiday period ever!

Not bad for a fast food chicken shack type of place!”

Pat Vaselakos ,
Golden Chick,
Arlington, TX


“Get Your Business On The Right Track”     

I purchased the package in December from Rory’s Restaurant Marketing Systems. And since that time, our business has grown over last year. I wasn’t showing those kind of figures before I started doing this. Rory’s package has definitely helped increase my sales, the number of people who flow through the restaurant. We’re getting lots more people because of what we did from Rory’s package.

If you don’t have the package, get the package. It’s a definite help to getting rolling and getting business on the right track.

Gary Barr, Barr’s Joe & Grill,
Lake of the Ozarks, MO


“We Can Measure The Results!”

We’ve been in the restaurant business for 30 years, and this is the first time that we’ve ever had any type of advertising that we know is working because we can measure it. Radio, television, newspaper, you can’t measure it. But this, we can.
We’ve just been really happy with the whole situation. We’re considering doing things now that we never would have even thought about, just because of Rory’s system. So yes, it’s paid for itself.

Judy Anderson, Barleys Brewhouse,
Kalispell, MT


“The program’s a good deal. It’s a good program. It’s worth rolling the dice. Take a shot and check it out, because it pays for itself many, many times over.”

Tom Barsotti, Geppetto’s,
Salem OR


“Rory’s system is the basis for all successful marketing. I would advise anybody to get this program.”

Bruce Lane, King Ludwig’s,
Leavenworth, WA


When I started the system, I was very excited, because I knew that something had to change in our restaurant, and hadn’t known what. And almost the same in the following months. RMS is like following a diet program, the more you do the more results you see. Well Done Rory.

Stephanie Dalesio, Lamberti’s Cucina Wilmington, DE


“Rory Does What He Says He’s Going To Do”

Rory’s full of energy, he’s a lot of fun. His follow-through is really good. He does what he says he’s going to do. I would recommend belonging to RMS to anybody in this business.

Dave Weber, Eugene, OR


It’s great to get the newsletters and tapes monthly. I listen and read them immediately. It confirms to me what I’m doing right and also gives new great ideas. In the last year 3 new Franchises have come in close by and our sales are still increasing.

Giles Lascelle, Jazz Magnolias,
Cornwall, Ontario, Canada


Rory’s helped me make more money than I thought I could ever make and had more fun doing it. One thing that we like is the old saying, “If you want to pick a dozen roses in the fall, plant 1,000 in the spring.” So we’ve planted about 20 different things. Almost everything he says, we try. So we have so many things going. We’re in a small town of 12,000 people and we draw 400,000 guests a year.

If you do the things, even a part of the things that he suggests, and all of a sudden this thing becomes fun.

Rory knows the restaurant business. And believe me, you will be happy to follow his system.

Laverne Graber, Black Buggy Restaurant, Washington, IN


“Rory, it Works”

“My sales have increased my employees are happier because of more tips. Rory you didn’t lie to me – It works. Keep up the great work and thanks!”

Steve Nisleit, Nisleit’s Country Inn,
Port Washington, WI


“Big Time Results”

I have put to use only 2 of Rory’s Strategies in the 6 months that I have owned it. I used them for only one month big time results. I can now get the customers in the door. It definitely works.

Tim Duncan, Betty’s Parkway Restaurant, Columbia TN


“Bottomline – Rory Knows His Stuff”

Rory knows his stuff, bottom line. It’s like I told my brother. “These people know what they are doing. Rory knows. The people he brings in know. So, listen to what they say, and then do what they say.” They can be your coach. Bottom line.

Raymond Gasner from Vancouver, WA


“It’s The First Year We Actually Showed a Profit!”

I have only seen sales increase. When I first started with RMS 2 years ago, I was ready to pack it in. Now, I don’t have enough room to handle all of the business. I only advertise to my existing customers and have lines out the door. This is the first year we actually showed a profit. Never thought I’d see the day!

Gina Schubert, Maggio’s,
South Hampton, PA


“If you don’t get Rory’s system you’re just plain crazy. Just one idea has paid for itself many times over. If I didn’t have Rory’s Program, I wouldn’t be in business.”

Brad Rompza, Chicago Joes,
Itasca, IL


Just so you guys know….I am implementing the techniques learned from Rory’s program. We will continue to utilize the concepts. Thanks!

Keith Davis, Golden Pear Café


“This is the ONLY way to go”

Rory, I am firmly convinced that the key to continued sales growth year after year is to continue the RMS strategies daily, thus increasing sales.

No doubt in my mind that your marketing is VERY effective in reaching and romancing your customers. Your business becomes “top shelf” in their minds.

I’ve been doing it for a year and am convinced that this is the ONLY way to go to market a restaurant.

Joel Lloyd, Bonanza Steakhouse,
Pine Bluff , AR


Results Outstanding!

I started your system this past month, unfortunately, I have only had time to read the Quick Start Guide but I did implement several suggestions and the results have been outstanding.

Robert Murphy, The George Washington Manor, Roslyn, NY


We have to say, first of all, that becoming a member of RMS in January 2003 was the best thing we ever did for our business! At that point in time we had been in business for almost two years. In our second year alone, we spent $5000.00 on JUST radio advertising, and our sales went sideways. It was discouraging, as anyone knows. Your membership program seemed a reasonable alternative to try, with your focus on independent restaurants, especially with your money-back guarantee if we weren’t satisfied.

So, having your manual and some reading material, the first idea we learned from you that we put into action.

In February, we began a second strategy, which we still maintain today. It worked very well for us especially, being a new restaurant in a highly saturated restaurant market. At the beginning of March, we started our third strategy, which we do every month.

We haven’t been disappointed! We have so much information! Throughout the last year and a half, we have implemented a little of what info we picked up, fine-tuning what we had. We know more can be done, but we want to be sure we do things right, and so far we can testify to a definite positive growth in our business.
Twice we’ve been nominated for business of the year in the restaurant category through the local Chamber of Commerce, and this last spring we were chosen second – best restaurant in our category, an honor usually reserved for franchises! Thank-you Rory!

We look forward to learning more!

Al and Arlene Scherer, Guesthouse Family Restaurant, Lethbridge, Alberta


“Rory, You are by far the Best of the Best when it come to marketing – I look forward to what you will come up with next. We are on a dead end street in the old, historic part of town. One recent promotion is going over gangbusters and there’s more in the works. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Thanks!”

Jack Goodlet, Park Place Restaurant,
Fort Oglethorpe, GA