Double, Triple, Even Quadruple Your Profits With Rory Fatt, Marketing and Business Growth Advisor


Rory built and sold several businesses that generated in excess of $85 Million dollars in sales. He’s helped thousands of businesses radically increase their sales some doubling, tripling even quadrupling their profits as a result of his advice. His fascination with starting and growing businesses lead him to lifelong relationships with some of the world’s leading marketing experts including Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. Over several decades Rory is acknowledged as one of the best implementers of Bill and Dan’s marketing and business building strategies and has been featured in many of Bill and Dan Kennedy’s books and newsletters.

Rory’s known for his ability to quickly uncover and capitalize on business opportunities while overcoming what others might view as insurmountable obstacles. One of his fundamental principles has been making all marketing he works on measurable and accountable. As a result, Rory’s clients have tracked over $1.7 Billion in sales using his business processes and marketing systems. He’s created, marketed and hosted live multi day business building events generating multi-million-dollar paydays, worked with celebrities like Heavyweight Champion George Foreman, Mike Ditka, Wally “Famous” Amos and many others.


Rory’s worked in numerous businesses and industries like information marketing, software, bricks and mortar and retail businesses creating recurring revenue, memberships, live events, high priced coaching and mastermind groups, online communities and many other new streams of income that previously did not exist.

If you are a restaurant owner, auto repair shop or retailer you would likely benefit from the turnkey multi-media marketing platform he developed for those industries called Royalty Rewards®. Click Here for more details.

After successfully selling his own businesses Rory does work with a select group of private clients to achieve their business growth goals. Please see the contact page to reach him.