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Every business owner has something preventing them from the growth they could achieve and more importantly deserve. But few get around to it because they’re stuck putting out fires, caught up in operations, finances, staffing, or don’t have the expertise or know where to start.

Running your own business can be lonely. Where can you get help from? Your brother-in-law? Your banker? Your competitors? Chances are the people offering advice haven’t been where you want to go and aren’t QUALIFIED to help you solve the specific and significant challenges you are facing to capitalize on the opportunities available to you.

With over 35 years of experience building multiple million-dollar businesses from scratch, I’ve discovered how to effectively hone in on what holds a business back. I work with successful business owners that have already built a valuable business, help them take the elevator to the top and smash through their glass income ceiling to explode their sales and profits.

You don’t need another program, a course, or a mastermind group that tells you about the latest idea or marketing strategy. What I call shiny object syndrome.

You need an experienced guide to show which steps to take…

an active collaborator that will give you the personalized time, focus, and energy you deserve… a mentor, consultant, and personal partner to not just uncover your biggest barriers, but also create a detailed plan, hold you accountable and, if you want it, even help with implementation so you experience the subsequent rapid growth that transforms your business.

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I work one-on-one with a select number of entrepreneurs who want personal guidance to eliminate roadblocks, rapidly transform their businesses, accelerate growth and when they are ready, prepare their business for a successful exit.

Before I hired Rory I was overwhelmed – and I couldn’t see the ROI on my marketing.

Rory gave me a toolbox of proven methods to grow my business and has thrived several potentially catastrophic events COVID being the most significant. My business has TRIPLED since I hired him.

Angelo Marini
Newtown, CT

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Hear From People I’ve Worked With:

Rory Fatt knows his stuff. It’s that simple.

From hands-dirty, ground-up, personal experience, Rory knows what it takes to launch, grow, expand, and install exceptionally effective marketing in varied businesses, and even organize a business for sale.
Dan S. Kennedy

He is a brilliant marketer and amazing business owner! I have gotten so many ideas from him!

Not only does Rory always deliver high-value content and work, but he has the unique ability to connect on a level that instantly changes peoples lives! And, the best thing is that Rory comes from the heart and truly cares about making a positive difference in the lives of others. Do yourself a favor and work with Rory today! You’ll be so grateful you did.
James Malinchak, Las Vegas

Rory brings to the table a plethora of business experience that has been developed by surrounding himself with some of the brightest minds in business, and we have been so lucky to learn from him.

The bottom-line benefits of what Rory
developed and helped us implement in our
business has helped us to track over $5.7
million in sales.
Christa Brown, Stockerton, PA

Rory has been there at critical times when we needed direction, inspiration and action.

We very much appreciate and value all he
has done for us.
Greg Evans, Ormond Beach, FL