About Rory Fatt

I have always been fascinated with what makes businesses successful. I graduated from University with a degree in Marketing, worked with several multinational corporations, and soon became one of the top salesperson for one of the largest food companies in the World.

I eventually decided to venture out on my own and struggled to figure out how to make what I had learned work in a small business versus what they taught me in business school.


After $150,000 in experimentation I eventually uncovered the secrets to direct response marketing
in my own business and sky-rocketed my sales
and profits. People began asking me to help them
with their marketing.

My marketing strategies have been taught to well over 6,343 business owners across United States, Canada and 12 other countries. I’ve helped my clients double, triple, and even quadruple their profits.

Now, I own two rapidly growing multi-million dollar businesses with zero debt and a staff handling the day to day operations.

I have applied my marketing principles to dozens of industries including hundreds of restaurants with HUGE success.

What Carrying the Torch Meant To Me
Using my marketing skills I was able to write a compelling essay that earned me the opportunity to run in the Torch Relay in the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. I was so incredibly proud of the honour so I made this little video.


If you’d like to dramatically increase YOUR restaurant’s income then reading this Report very carefully, in its entirety, is going to be THE most profitable and important thing you do all week, all month, maybe this year.